1- Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (b.556 – d.619 Ce)

1- Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (b.556 – d.619 Ce)

Who happen to be the new Mothers of Believers? Maybe you have heard the definition of Ummahat al-Mumineen. It means English because the ‘ Moms and dads of Believers’ and this is a title one to refers on spouses out-of Prophet Muhammad (peace end up being through to your). These people were his spouses in this dunya and additionally be their spouses in the akhirah.

ong the women (around the world from their unique time) and you can Khadijah is the greatest between the feminine (for Italienska kvinnor the nation). (Al-Bukhari)

Khadijah was the original partner off Prophet Muhammad, whom she met because good widow away from a refreshing seller but had become prosperous inside her right. She hired Muhammad once the a business broker however, soon involved come across him as the a suitable partner.

Khadijah bore your half dozen people, and additionally a couple of sons which died when you look at the infancy. She offered Muhammad assistance and you can support when he acquired his first revelations and remained faithful in order to him when of a lot popular Makkans first started to help you contradict him. When you’re she existed, Muhammad got no other spouses. The guy treasured, overlooked and you can recalled Khadijah for the remainder of his existence.

2- Sawdah bint Zam’a (b.unfamiliar – d.674 Le)

Sawdah and her very first partner was between the early converts to help you Islam who immigrated to help you Abyssinia. Their own partner passed away from inside the exile and you may she is leftover a great worst widow having small kids.

Prophet Muhammad tried approval because of their relationship of Sawdah’s low-Muslim parents. The parents decided after which led your to look for approval out-of Sawdah by herself.

With this particular connection, Sawdah’s and also the Prophet’s house matched while the Prophet got a lot more for you personally to carry out the prophetic purpose. These were partnered for three age in advance of Prophet took a different sort of spouse.

Sawdah met with the higher prize to be an enthusiastic immigrant towards purpose regarding Islam on the a few hours, so you can Abyssinia and so you’re able to Medina. She try the original out-of an abundance of widows the fresh Prophet partnered. Sawdah had a credibility if you are a sort, charity and jovial lady.

3- Aishah bint Abu Bakr (b.612 – d.678 Le)

Aishah are the fresh dmad’s nearest relatives and you will supporters. Their betrothal so you can your within an early age fortified you to definitely matchmaking. Aishah grew up once the a beneficial Muslim although many of the personal companions were turns to help you Islam.

Immediately following elizabeth most personal and lots of ahadith attest to this reality. She are their dear spouse and a highly intelligent college student away from Islam. This woman is credited with narrating over 2000 ahadith and you may became noted for their own sharp cleverness, love of reading and you can impeccable judgment.

Aishah try certainly one of simply around three off Prophet Muhammad’s wives just who memorized the whole Quran. One of their unique celebrated attainments was you to she are the sole wife that was for the Prophet when he received disclosure also it was at Aishah’s possession that Prophet died.

Aishah try widowed at the age 18 otherwise 19 age dated and you will went on to teach and you may gamble a serious part from the dissemination from Islam for more than forty years.

4- Hafsah bint Umar ibn Al-Khattab (b.605 – d.665 Le)

Prophet Muhammad’s 4th wife is actually Hafsah, the dmad’s nearest confidantes, Umar ibn Al-Khattab. Its relationship was an astute political alliance. Hafsah was partnered from the an early age and took part in this new migrations to both Abyssinia and you will Medina. Unfortuitously she are widowed whenever just to get yrs . old however, she following had the honor off aggravated and linking the fresh new Al-Khattab family unit members toward Prophet’s family unit members.

Hafsah and Aishah have been brand new youngest out of Prophet Muhammad’s wives and you can each other had comparable characters; they were good, determined women and also for the very region did actually log in to well.

Hafsah was able to each other understand and you will build and you can, such as for instance Aishah, memorized the complete Quran. She was one another pious and you can smart and you may do spend days contemplating along side verses of your own Quran.

It was Hafsah who’d the nice award of being this new caretaker of your own first Mushaf and therefore arrived to her palms once the new loss of their particular father. Hafsah try married into the Prophet to have 7 ages, and you may immediately following their demise she resided for the next thirty-four many years.

5- Zaynab bint Khuzaymah (b.595 – d.624)

Zaynab is actually the initial away from Prophet Muhammad’s spouses one failed to are from the new group out-of Quraish. She passed away lower than one year just after her matrimony and also as an end result very little known regarding the their particular. Until then relationships she had obtained this new name out-of Mother from poor people because of their particular focus on the poor and her generosity on them.

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